About me

Logic will take you from A to B. But imagination will take you everywhere.
Albert Einstein.

I am a 54 years old creative Norwegian man who has a passion for art.  I started with pen and paper, but the last years I’ve let the pencils rest. iPadPro gave me the opportunity to draw digital. This gives me great flexibility when it comes to when, where and what I draw. 

Creativity has always been an ability I´ve greatly appreciated. As humans, we have the ability to fantasize, think outside the box and create something that has never exsited before. By detaching ourselves from physical laws, social boundaries and accepted truths – we can create our own unique reality. There are no limits in our imagination!

During the fall 2015 I exhibited the autumn exhibition in my hometown Stavern, with a series of pictures from my neighborhood Stavern. These drawings were first displayed in 70 x 100cm canvas, but have subsequently also been printed on paper.

These pictures had a simple line, a lot of colors and were characterized by my facination for geometric shapes. I drew on paper with thin black markers – and then digitally processed the drawing; where I drew lines, added color / shade and changed expression. I was very fascinated by this mix between the analog and digital – and felt it gave a very exciting expression.

Since I started experimenting with digital drawing in the fall of 2017, I´ve left the markers. Now I use my iPadPro and draw with ApplePencil. This gives a great feeling of freedom; to where, when and what I draw.

I’m fortunate, because the ideas just flow into my mind – and the digital platform has made it easier to visualize all my ideas.

I don´t take comissions, but try, at all times, to be free and draw what comes to my mind. The drawing are printed digitally – with a maximum of 10 pieces of each, regardless of size and print material.

I draw for myself and drawing makes me happy! When I draw… I´m in “my world”. If you find pleasure in my work … you are most welcome to join in.

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